Characters Of Universal Fighting System By Genzoman

Genzoman, a young talented artist from Chile, creates many remarkable illustration for video games lovers specially for UFS community, his favorite games like GTA, Zelda, Megaman and his favorite gamming platform is Wii. For more Genzoman’s art, visit his deviantart profile.

Cool Arts Of UFS Characters

Elena Hand Stand Kick

Elena Light Hearted

Elena Lynx Tail

Hell Gate

Hilde Unstoppable


Loyal At All Cost



Playful Xianghua

Rainbow Mika

The Wild Bunch

Elena Flashy Leg Work

Elena Sketch Dance Jam

Amy: The End End Of The Earch

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  1. Nice set of wallpapers. I also have a collection like this but I can’t publish it away because I don’t own those wallpapers. Thanks again for the wallpapers 😀 Love collecting them!


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