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Twitter is my favorite micro blogging site – it’s the one place where I can quickly get an plenty of good information in only 140 characters including links. Many people ask me about my quick growth on Twitter. And why not, I had one thousand followers by the end of 2 months. So here are few points quoted from my personal experience that helped me to grow in the Twittersphere. follow me @smashingwall.comsmashingwall

7 Clever Strategies For Earning More Followers on Twitter

Twitter has proven to be a great place to market and brand your blog in the past months. However, a lot of people don’t seem to be able to create a large enough audience to really effectively market their blog.

Top Ten Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Small Business Blog Using Twitter

It would be useful to put a resource post together for small business owners who would like to use Twitter to drive targeted traffic to their blog.

Three Essential Tips to Growing Sales and Service, One Tweet at a Time

You can improve your pipeline and grow a stellar support reputation simply by following these three simple tips.

10 Killer and Effective Twitter Tips for Bloggers

Here is a check list that every blogger’s should check out for effective marketing by using twitter for their business or blogs.

How to Tweet Effectively to Drive Traffic?

Most people think driving traffic from Twitter will be as easy as posting their latest blog posts, and that all you need to do is get a few hundred (even thousand) followers and that they’ll click on anything you post, and that’s just not the case. This how-to tutorial will teach you how you get 50-200 clicks per tweet with these simple tips.

A Guide to the New Twitter Lists – Basics, Pros and Cons

Twitter Lists are the new feature on Twitter (still in Beta) that allow you to organize particular Twitter users into lists and view only their Tweets. For example, you can create a list of inspirational Twitter users by following these easy steps.

25 Ways to Increase your Followers on Twitter

There are many ways to increase your Twitter followers,but in this article you will learn how to increase your Twitter followers.

10 Tips to Getting More Retweets

Your followers took the time to check out your profile and thought you were cool enough to follow, but how are you treating them in return?

Twitter Is More Fun And More Profitable When You Follow The Right People

Twitters is a powerful social media site. It allows you to connect to a wide range of people but yet a lot of people are dissatisfied with it. There could be many reason for this. Perhaps they’re not getting enough followers, or perhaps they haven’t given themselves the time to get used to how it all works. Then again perhaps it’s because they are not following the right people.

It’s OK to Have Multiple Twitter Accounts

One of the most important factors to being a good Twitter user is to be personable. This fact has sparked an argument that suggests personality lacks to those with more than one twitter profile. Why would you want more than one twitter profile and is this OK? Multiple profiles should be used to interact with multiple audiences, and yes, it’s OK.

Followers On Twitter | Find The Ones That Really Matter

Twitter is an awesome way to promote a blog. As a result many bloggers go on a mission to find as many followers on twitter as they can. But if your thousands of followers on Twitter aren’t the right people what good are they? You can tweet to promote a blog all you want, but the wrong audience won’t really care about anything you say.

How do you respond to Tweeters who follow, unfollow, and then follow back?

I’ve been noticing a trend lately. Like most people, whenever someone follows me on Twitter, I get a notification.

How Twitter Makes You A Better Writer

Twitter can make you a better writer. Here’s how?

Don’t Use Twitter Like a Wet Cracker

Twitter is a marketing bomb if used the right way.In this article you will learn the right way to use it.

Six Twitter Alternatives to #FollowFriday

If you enjoy #FollowFriday, keep it up, but I wanted to mention some possible alternatives to it that are also quite valuable.

5 Things Teens Can Teach You About Twitter

Teens are really social and as Twitter is an extremely sociable platform, it only makes sense that I, as a teen, can teach you a few things about the micro-blogging service.

At Last, a Simple Guide to Mastering Twitter

With Twitter having over 4,000,000 users it is definitely an effective way to drive traffic to your website. Twitter has become a very effective tool for traffic for many bloggers, including myself. With over 8,000 Twitter followers, and driving in over 7,000 page views from Twitter monthly. I think I’m safe to say I’ve mastered the ways of Twitter.

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