15 Portrait Photography Tips and Tutorials

When we see a portrait photograph captured by some renowned photographer like Yousuf Karsh, Eve Arnold, etc. we just unconsciously utter words like “Oh man! My my! What a wonderful piece of art!” and keep on wondering how come the lights are used, which camera, what angle, what background and so on. We just assume to ourselves that “Man, this is not our job, we cannot even think of doing it!”, but what if we told you that you can do it? What if we say that we are giving you something, by which you’ll also easily capture the amazing portrait photographs of your own people at your own place..? Go ahead then, just a click and see what we have brought to you this time…

The main focus of Portrait Photography is the face and its expressions. The portrait can consist of a single or group of persons, animals, birds, etc. It is the creativity and talent of the artist that to what extent he captures a portrait playing with the lightings, surroundings, poses, complexions, expressions and everything that he sees from his artistic point of view.

Isn’t it good if we learn portrait photography sitting at one place and that place is our own? Yeah it is, because right now we are giving you the amazing “Portrait Photography Tips and Tutorials”…

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