20 Bad Habits of New Bloggers

As bloggers, we face a wide variety of tasks each day related to managing and building our blogs. Productivity and efficiency are vital, especially for part-time bloggers. A number of extremely addictive and time-consuming habits stand in the way, though.

I’m sure you can relate. We all make mistakes, but learning from them and not repeating them will make you successful in every respect. The key is to control habits, good and bad. If you know how to change your habits, then minor effort can create major results.

For a better blog, a variety of factors must be taken into consideration. In this article, we’ll cover some of the most notable habits to avoid for better blogging.

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Aldo Bukit is chief editor and owner of SmashingWall.com. Aside from his full time job, he loves blogging about design in general. He has over ten years of marketing design experience and the passion continues on. His profile on Google+ -

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