20 Inspirational Sites For Mobile Web Design

Cyberspace is expanding faster than most of us realize. But these advancements are also having a seemingly opposite effect on our daily lives. The world we live in is ‘shrinking’ before our very eyes. A ‘global village’ is what this planet of ours has become for most of us. A familiar place in which we are always connected with everyone who is holding any digital device with an Internet connection. And perhaps the most commonly used gadget or digital device today is the mobile phone or cell phone.

This is simply not possible for today’s web designers and graphic designers to be oblivious to the rapid developments going on in the realm of mobile phone applications. Mobile apps are an integral and increasingly important part of our mobile devices and our daily routine. With the growing power and reach of these multipurpose hand-held smart phones, web design and development communities have a platform they cannot afford to ignore…

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