40 Best Practices of Typography Techniques Will Boost Your Skills

The aim was not to make an article as such but to create a useful creative roundup resource, which can be utilized as a book portion for designers to expand their knowledge on how they can use Photoshop in say to make impressive typography techniques. The article have latest collection of typography tutorials, which if the steps are analyze it can to turn Adobe Photoshop and use you an statement on the features of great designing tool.

About the author

Aldo Bukit is chief editor and owner of SmashingWall.com. Aside from his full time job, he loves blogging about design in general. He has over ten years of marketing design experience and the passion continues on. His profile on Google+ -

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  1. Since you aounnnced the Logo Design Love Awards, I also noticed the lack of decent logos and / or the dependence on the blog name in the header. I’m just as bad … (there’s no logo on DWB). Maybe your awards will revive the use of original blog logos? It could happen.

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