50 Useful 3DS Max Modeling Tutorials

3DS Max is widely used in spine and patch modeling, character animations, inverse kinematics, rendering, lighting, mesh and many more. Proper texture mapping and appropriate materials should be used to render a realistic effect. 3DS Max is a very powerful material editor that gives your creativity the required edge. With the help of this software package, you can give your reel characters a real touch. Nowadays, many 3DS Max tutorials are available. You can take help of these tutorials to create your 3D rich designs and visualization effects.

Sometimes, the imaginary world is much better than the physical world. The most important part of the 3DS Max is modeling. Only a perfect modeling can derive satisfactory outputs. Tutorials can help you to learn more about the 3D film effects, complex design virtualizations, rich and realistic game characters. The 3DS Max is mainly used by the visual effects artists, design visualization specialists and the game developers. It has a tools-package that assists you to easily create a variety of shapes like cylinder, sphere or box and even helps in sketching the character outline.

Once you master these 3DS Max modeling techniques, it is quite easy to create simple to complex characters or animations. Animation can sound challenging to learn but once you start using the tutorials, you’ll get a quick and good grasp on it. Using this software and its advanced designing tools, you can create very realistic images and computer generated models. The materials used are very important for creating realistic models. For example, while modeling an animal or a person, proper scale is required from multiple angles and this can only be achieved with the help of 3DS Max…

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