6 Tips About How to Communicate with Developers

If you have an experience of working with a developer or a development team then you might be well aware of the fact that frequently differences of ideas and work attitude do crop up between a designer and a developer. As designers we have to work with scores of international developers and teams who have different viewpoints and work culture. Most often we have to work with unknown developers based on some other place on the globe and there is little chance of face to face contact.

Most of the times hundreds of people are involved in a project and very often these people do not belong to a same team, organization; rather they rarely know each other. But while working in a common project, it is very important that all the people working on it must share a common understanding of the problems and solutions. It should be remembered thatdevelopers and designers have different work attitude and ideas. Rarely these two type of professionals share commonness of nature and attitude. Therefore to make the development process run smooth in future you may follow these principles and hope for better results…

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