80 Astonishing Digital Painting Designs

Digital painting differs from other forms of digital art and computer generated art, it does not involve the computer rendering from a model. The artist uses painting techniques to create the digital painting directly on the computer. An artist can often arrange their painting in layers that can be edited independently. Also, the ability to undo and redo strokes frees the artist from a linear process.

Painting and Printing technology has improved a great deal. From  the past few years, we are in a world of online printing. The people involved in online printing are generally commercial printers. There are commercial printers who specialize in color management, photo and art reproductions, digital printing and label printing. The whole process is automated and hence is time saving. The costs are also less because setting up a process is not involved.

Digital is widely used in conceptual design for film, television and video games. Digital painting software give artists a similar environment to a physical painter: a canvas, painting tools, mixing palettes, and a multitude of color options…

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