Development prospect of the solar lighting

Solar energy is clean energy and doesn’t produce any pollution, so the environment can get protection on the earth. If the world economy keeps sustainable development, human being must get along well with nature. To improve the ecological environment, and to build clean renewable and diversified energy system, using solar energy is the sign of human civilization and social progress.

With the development of economy in China, lighting electricity will be improved, and the research application of green energy-saving lighting will be paid more and more attention to. The solar lighting is renewable green energy lightingsystem for schools, factories, suburbs and municipal roadways, etc. And the expense is lower than that of the traditional lighting. The usage of the solar lighting is more convenient than the traditional lighting.

As a new green energy, solar energy gets rapid promotion application with its incomparable advantages. As new generation of light source, it is widely used in the city bright beautification, road lighting, garden lighting, indoor lighting, lighting and the application of other fields. Especially in the remote areas with no electric power, solar lighting has a broad prospect application.

From the point of view of environmental protection, solar lighting has the advantages of easy installation, high efficiency and energy conservation, health and environmental protection, safety and harmony, economy and utility. From the point of view of economy, it saves energy and cost. Manufacture cost of a traditional light is higher than that of a solar lights, even higher installation cost under the condition of bad roadways. With the support of the government, installation of the solar light is to make contributions to our country and energy conservation. From economy cost, installing the solar light not only reduces wire cost but saves electric charge. If the solar lighting is widely used, it will not only save billions of dollars in electricity bills, but also significantly reduce energy demand, environmental pollution and greenhouse-gas emissions all over the world.

The appearance of solar technology and product meets the demands of social development, environmental protection and energy conservation, which brings incomparable social benefits compared with the traditional lighting. Technology improvement and cost reduction of solar lighting make it have high speed development after several years of wandering period, while high speed development will promote the further improvement of technology and reduction of cost. The solar product will have a new brilliance.

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