Effective Accessibility Tips to Improve Your Blog’s Navigation

When it comes to designing a website, web designer has to keep a lot of things in mind. There are a few less important and a few more important things. Navigation of the website is one of the most important things in website designing. Navigation basically connects you with all the other pages on the website so proper navigation is way too important. This has been the process ever since the websites have been developed. Obviously, with the passage of time, things are changing and new developments in navigation have been made to improve the navigation and provide users with a better website. When you create a design for a brochure printing order you have to think of the readability. Designs for blogs are the same. The navigation needs to be intuitive for the user. These days website navigation is no longer limited to desktop only. With the advancement in browsers and other technologies, designers have to make sure that their website’s navigation is easy and accessible from everywhere. Be it a mobile user, tablet user or a normal desktop user, as a designer it your responsibility to provide them with accessible and better navigation. Let me simplify it a little more. If you as a visitor are visiting a website, you would want everything to work as it should be working. Broken links and messed up navigation links can really annoy users. Let us take a look at a few accessibility tips for better navigation and these tips have worked for almost every designer….

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