Graphic Designers “HATE” Holidays – Know the Reasons!!

Finally, Christmas holidays are over…and so are all my holiday-time client projects. Even though the holiday season is the most awaited time of the year but for me and surely other graphic designers, it’s merely hassle. I mean what’s the point of having holidays when you have to toil and sweat in these days too? Holidays are meant to provide joy, happiness and togetherness with your loved ones. But how can one enjoy this time with his friends and family when he has heaps of work piled up?

It’s the same thing every year. Days before holidays, you have clients flooding in like never before. I don’t intend to sound ungrateful here, but I would rather spend quality time with my family over the holidays then earn extra bucks. Money is something that can be earned anytime of the year, but the joy and pleasure of spending holidays with loved ones is priceless. To further elaborate my point, have a look at this interesting video created by Viewpoint Creative:

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