Grid-Based Design Theory

Grid is an important tool for graphic design. Commonly people used to think that grid is related to engineering and architecture, but this is not true. Today the graphic designers use grid extensively for website design. It is a very popular tool in present times.

Grid is not just about squares but proportion. This is the most important element of grid theory. Art historians are of the opinion that the famous Dutch painter Piet Mondrian should be regarded as the Father of graphic design because it was he who used grids in the most sophisticated way yet classical. It is believed that artists have been highly influenced by classical grid theory for thousands of years. The conception of dividing the components of a theme can be traced back to days of mathematical concepts developed by Pythagoras and his followers. They used to define numbers as ratios rather than single units. The followers of Pythagoras believed that mathematical patterns evolved by Pythagoras must have been divine as they occur so often in nature. They called this pattern as the Golden Ratio or Divine Proportion

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