How to Be a Successful ‘Design Businessman’

Anyone who is part of the world’s rat race dreams of owning his own business. After all, working 9-5 for your entire life does not sound exciting at all. Also, being your own boss is a great thing since you do not have to report to anyone and no one is keeping a check on you and your work 24/7. So, how about you take a look at your life and see what has been achieved so far so you can decide what is next for you. For now, you have earned your degrees; you have worked really hard on your job and have mastered your field of designing. You must be thinking now what? Yes, its time to move ahead and something for yourself.

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Aldo Bukit is chief editor and owner of Aside from his full time job, he loves blogging about design in general. He has over ten years of marketing design experience and the passion continues on. His profile on Google+ -

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