Interesting Facts and Myths About HTML5

Yes. HTML5 is here to rule the world. Everyone is speaking about it and apprehending its usefulness. It is probably the most innovative technology at present day. But if analyzed, it will be found that, HTML5 is just the old wine in a new bottle. It is actually the good old DHTML or AJAX. Misinformation and misconceptions sometimes engulf our minds. Eminent JavaScript expert Remy Sharp and Opera’s Bruce Lawson hereby peeps into to expose some of the myths arising from misinformation.

Know a few facts

A few years back, HTML used to be the language of the webmasters for creating websites with ease. It was a simple language and everyone could use it. School students even created their own web pages using HTML. But it was seen that most pages didn’t adapt to the simple laws of the language as their webmasters were more concerned with the message. Most of the browsers had bad code and just displayed the things that their webmasters desired to display…

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