Making Blog with W3C Web Standards

Web standards are the recommendations made by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to provide a high standard development of the Internet. The W3C Web Standards are an official set of standards that bring together commonly accepted rules made by web-masters around the world.  Any professional, skilled and respected designer plans his projects in accordance with W3C web standards.

You may think that some rules or standards will put bounds on creativeness and you may not achieve the desired result, but it is just the other way round. Web Standards allow us to code and maintain our pages with far less effort, all the while resting assured that everyone can see them as we intended. After getting to know more about W3C web standards and their advantages, you will quickly understand why …

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Aldo Bukit is chief editor and owner of Aside from his full time job, he loves blogging about design in general. He has over ten years of marketing design experience and the passion continues on. His profile on Google+ -

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