Should Monetization or Trust Be the Basis of Your Blog

Behind every action there is a reason for sure. Even if we are not clear about the exact reason behind our acts, we do have an idea as to why we are doing something. Similarly, when it comes to starting a business, website or a blog we have our reasons to do so. Some people start a blog solely because they love writing and staying connected to people of their community. However, most of the people start a blog or website due to economic reasons. Generating revenue is something we all want and no one should deny this fact. If we are investing in something, we have every right to expect some revenue generation. The sources of revenue could be any for instance, selling services, and selling products or through advertising.

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Aldo Bukit is chief editor and owner of Aside from his full time job, he loves blogging about design in general. He has over ten years of marketing design experience and the passion continues on. His profile on Google+ -

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