Wedding Rings Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to create realistic wedding gold rings. Follow the tutorial and download the final vector image to compare and learn more easily.


Create a new document. It can be any  size you want. Let’s set it at the standard 800×600 pixels, resolution 72 (for screen, if your design is meant for printing, then set the resolution at the maximum 300 dpi) and use the RGB color mode.


Time to start drawing the first ring. With the Ellipse Tool (shortcut L) create an oval, then duplicate it and, by using the Direct Selection Tool, modify the outer circle to look like the one in the picture. Select the outer circle and copy it, paste it in front and lock it by using Ctrl + 2 (we will need this second circle later). Select these 2 circles and go to Object, Compound Path and click Make. This will combine our two shapes and create a new one…

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